“Thinking about getting healthier can be pretty over whelming.. Don’t let it be!!  Just know what steps will make it easier, if you decide to go forward with it.

 Think of it like you’re checking out the easiest route before you take the trip..”

Ann – Beginners Health Coach


Give yourself the best chance of success on your health improvement journey,

Do a bit of ‘pre-learning’ for getting healthy – so you find out what you should know first and what will help you getting healthier. 

– This might be talking to a few people who have made and sustained health improvements, reading memoires.. or doing our FREE mini course. (Which is the short cut..)


Get yourself a method and map for getting healthy to focus you.

Keep it personalised and go with a delivery manner you like. If it feels relevant and you enjoy it, it will work better. (If you find your tribe, who don’t judge, make you smile/giggle/feel good – it’s a winner.)


Get moral support to stay healthy. 

Most of us benefit from a cheerleader.  Find them here, in this corner.