What is a health coach service?

Health coaching is an unregulated industry. To find out if a health coach service is legitimate, check the previous experience of the coach, relevant qualifications, and past customer reviews of the coach/service.

This service was developed and is delivered by Ann, whose credentials are:

Level 3 qualified personal trainer, Level 3 qualified in nutrition for exercise, Level 2 qualified gym instructor, qualified Nordic Walking instructor (British Nordic Walking trained), Jog Scotland jog leader, Hill Skills hiking trained, Bachelor of Science degree in Health Issues, Post Graduate certified in Health & Wellness, Professional Graduate diploma in adult learning.  Motivational Interviewing trained.

I have years of previous experience working in health, including health project co-ordination, health advice, healthy weight sessions, adult learning, youth mentoring & mental health support.

I have run a local face to face service aiming to support people in getting healthier, body & mind since 2016 – IsleBe (Reviews by previous customers of my health coach service are available to look at HERE)

Currently in any spare time I dabble in life coaching, mindfulness and CBT learning.


What has informed the information on this site? 

The information in this program is my own take on health as a trained, qualified and experienced health and fitness professional, mixed with info from the most relevant sources I found to be available. (There is a lot of information out there, but I think I have waded through the plentiful chaff to find the wheat in the info here.)

Why was Beginners Health coach developed?

After years of working in support and personal development, then as a community health advisor for the NHS, then as a health coach, I found the thousands of clients I spoke to made me see the same issue repeatedly..   Health advice needed clarification & simplification. Also, the message that healthiness is a FEEL thing, not a LOOK thing needed to be stronger.  So I developed Beginners Health Coach to address all this.

Are you a doctor?

I’m not a physiotherapist, doctor or dietitian, but I am wellness professional with lots of support/motivation experience, with a focus on the mind as well as the body.  Be assured, the signature program here, the ‘8 week healthy lifestyle program’ has been checked over by a practicing medical doctor in the UK.

Is this a diet or exercise plan? Do I have to join a gym or buy any equipment or special food?

No.  This is not an exercise or diet plan. This program is to support you develop strategies to apply in day to day life, so you get healthier in your normal everyday routine.

Is this service just for beginners?

The program is designed for anyone wishing to get healthier, starting from the foundations..  So it suits those who previously tried to get healthy with other programs, but found them unsuitable or unsustainable, or maybe those who thought ‘health’ programs weren’t for them.  It’s for anyone who wants to get healthier and do it right, but feels overwhelmed at where to start really.  Everyone’s welcome.  Just be nice, this is a positive place.

Is this program a “one size fits all?”

No. The weekly topics covered are the same for everyone, but this is not a cookie cutter approach. Everybody is different and has different challenges and resources, so this program supports you to develop your own individualised strategies to address the weekly topics.  This program does not set out the strategies for you. That would be like squeezing a round peg into a square hole for convenience.

How can I ask questions about what I am working on in this program?

Along with your program, you will have access to a membership community area.  This is private to those on the program.

Do you give coaching in this with the program? 

You post your query about the program topic in the forum in the private membership community, I answer your questions, usually within 24-48 hours.  So in effect, yes.  Other people on the program can answer too. I want this process to work for you and for you to succeed. So if you want this type of support from a health coach along with your online learning, Beginners Health Coach is for you.

How soon after I purchase the program can I access it?

You should receive a welcome email straight away after purchasing – but allow 24hrs.  (Remember when you purchase the program you’ll be given access to the members area too.)

You will create a username and password to access the program and membership community.  (New items “My Courses” and “Membership Community” will show on the Beginners Health Coach website menu when you login after purchasing the program.)

Do I need a laptop to work with Beginners Health Coach?

Everything on this website, including the free mini course and the paid program, is designed for use with desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile,  on both Apple and Microsoft devices.

Are the materials printable?

The program is designed to be online, no need to print it.  If you really want to, most computer programs allow you to print the pages you are reading.

How long can I work with Beginners Health Coach?

You can repeat and modify the program once you are finished the initial 8 weeks. Remember you have lifetime access to this material and the membership community.

How much time do I need to allocate to the program?

Everyone is different.  But perhaps allow around 2 hours a week to read the material for the week, answer the questions and use the members area.

Is the program suitable to do while I go to a PT?

That is absolutely fine.  Record your PT session as a strategy moving you on your health improvement journey. In this program you will analyse what you currently do, figuring out if you wish to modify anything to move you toward to a healthier lifestyle.

I want to provide feedback

Email with feedback.

I want to ask a specific question

Take a look through this FAQ page, if your question is not answered, have a look through our terms and conditions. If your question is still not answered there, contact with your question.

I want to cancel my order

In line with consumer law, you have a 14 day cancellation period from when you purchase your program. If you wish to cancel and request a refund on your order, you must do so within this window.