Health of your mind

Our current situation is just horrible..

And more than ever we need to look the mind.

Remember health is physical, mental and social.  So your frame of mind is as important as how many press ups you do.  I’d say it’s way more important actually..

I am fortunate not to have the dreaded virus, but along with everyone else, I’m missing seeing my nearest and dearest, feeling uncertain, worried about friends, family, health and money stuff…  Communal, global stress really!  My MOJO has gone rather AWOL.  And many are in a much worse situation; with their health damaged and people being lost.

A recent unhealthy overwhelm reaction of mine had been to turn to the jelly beans.  In multiple handfuls.  This was just a very human response.  And I’m a real life human with empathy, not a cookie cutter robot.  And thankfully I still have a home gym, a love of exercise and a toothbrush to limit this damage..

So if you are worrying about the state of the world, stressing about health, your business or job, your health, your family…  Worrying if this means the world will stop making jelly beans…

STOP.  Start to train the brain.  We can’t change what is happening, but WE CAN change where we focus our attention and how we react to what is happening.

Look after yourself.  Always start with the mind.  If you keep hearing about the benefits of mindfulness, but are unsure what it is all about, here is a short mindfulness for beginners video I saw on Youtube that will explain mindfulness in plain English.

I’m certainly using these mindfulness skills to bounce back!



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Ann, The Beginners Coach
Outer Hebrides, Scotland