My story

 The Beginners Health Coach story..


Here is why the Beginners Health Coach can help you.. Your coach knows the struggle is real!  I have been there.  Walked the walk.  Time served.   Here’s my story..

(BTW, knowing your coaches back story will help if you are wondering how to find a health coach that matches your needs….)

So. I was never a particularly health conscious or typically athletic person growing up..

(As a teen I’d bunk off gym class each week, ate mostly pizza and chips, then drink loads of booze at the weekends and partied really hard..)

But over the years I’ve ‘cheer-led’ myself to get active and strong in body and mind.  (As with most health journeys, this has been with varying gusto and plenty of ‘life diversions’/ ‘falling off the healthiness wagon’).. But generally, I started to eat better, got active, did things that were better for me and with the result of felt better.

 I studied loads to do with health –  right up to getting part way through a Masters, then leaving the academic world with a Post Grad in Health and Wellness.  I took on relevant jobs and got experienced, qualified as a fit pro, and then started a local business called IsleBe, to help some other people get healthier.

 I could see the value and positive results people were getting on my ‘get active’ programs, but I didn’t actually deliver beyond a limited local service.  So the Beginners Health Coach was developed to let people access health support whenever suits and where suits.  So take a look around this site, and explore on the stuff of value to your journey to healthy lifestyle.


PS. in any program you consider doing, you should know about the credentials of the creator –  so you know if the service is a  match for what you need.. So here are mine..

Level 3 personal trainer
L3 nutrition for exercise
Level 2 gym instructor
Nordic Walking instructor (BNW trained)
Jog Scotland jog leader
Hill Skills trained
BSc Health Issues
PG Health & Wellness
PG adult learning
Motivational Interviewing trained

Run a local service aiming to support you getting healthier, body & mind since 2016 – IsleBe

Operate IsleBebytheSea – The Little Hebridean SC retreat

Years of previous experience working in health, inc project co ordination, health advice, healthy weight sessions, adult learning, youth mentoring & mental health support.

Currently in any spare time I dabble in life coaching, mindfulness and CBT learning.. And dog/cat/horse/hen/lamb cuddling.

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Ann, The Beginners Coach
Outer Hebrides, Scotland