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Online Heath Coaching – 8 Week Course


This program will make getting healthier, easier. You will focus on what’s actually important in health improvement. Follow this 8 week program and you will get a clear map to get you healthier. 



Complete this program online, fit it around your own life.  Work on it whenever, where ever suits you. 

Make it work for you.



You will be given information about a health topic to read each week.   You will have a task relating to the topic, and also linking back to the ‘PRIME YOURSELF FOR HEALTHY’ mini course.  This program WILL NOT supply you with your strategies.  It provides the framework and support for you to come up with your own strategies.

Everyone’s life is different, so everyone’s strategies will be different.  No cookie cutter approach.




Cost of Couse including 8 Weeks access to membership community is:

$59 USD

Beginners Health Coach is based in the UK, but the service operates worldwide.  You can pay by Credit/Debit card using any currency.  Approximate currency conversions (exact rate depends on your bank’s exchange rate)

£ 45.30 * British Pounds  | € 49,92 * Euros | $ 82.83 * Australian Dollar | $ 77.77 * Canadian Dollar | $ 88.24 * New Zealand Dollar


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When you sign up to the ‘Healthy Kickstart’ program, you will also get 8 weeks free access to the BHC community membership.

*This is to help you on this health improvement journey, so can you get that all important support network. Swap tips, ask advice and cheerlead each-other. 

(Free access starts from date of purchase.)

After your free trial, you will be asked if you want to continue accessing this area for $7 a month



This is your support network – To spur you on and motivate you to stay healthier. 



**Only open to those who sign up to the Healthy Kickstart course.**

You will be asked if you wish to continue accessing this area when you complete the Healthy Kickstart program



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