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Online Health Coaching – FREE course


My approach has always been to make my customers feel good while they get healthy.  I’ve always had lovely reviews.  But a couple of years ago I received a ‘thankyou’ card from some customers, they wrote I’d actually changed their lives. So come and try my way of health coaching, hopefully you will feel the same..


******PS, those same lovely customers gifted me a beauty therapy voucher too.  I’m motivating and pretty good at coaching, but I’m also pretty rustic. (My car is usually filled with horse feed and I usually have a ‘straight from the barn’ look.) So while my coaching style needs no polish, perhaps it’s obvious to others my grooming does.. By the way, I LOVED using that pamper voucher.

PPS, This was when I knew this was the right vocation for me.******



Try this free mini course to learn some things you should know if you want to get healthier.

Or if you want to be more successful at improving your health..



This mini course looks at:  What does healthy look like, visualising your aim, mindset and your support system.  It will probably take about 60-90 mins.



This is your ‘pre – learning’ to any health improvements you plan make.



It is also your chance to check out Beginners Health Coach material for free before you commit to buying anything here.



Absolutely no obligation to do the following ‘Healthy Kickstart” program.