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Firstly… This is not a diet plan, or an exercise plan.  It is a healthy lifestyle program.

Why this way?

The goal here is to help you to form healthy routines which you embed with repetition over a period of time, with the aim of developing strategic healthy habits which you then carry out unconsciously.

Everyone’s life is different, so everyone’s strategies will be different.  There is no cookie cutter approach here – It is personalised; built by yourself with our support, rather than a set out prescriptive plan, because you are the expert of you, you know what will work for you and what won’t.

(We all have such different challenges and resources in our lives.  So a prescriptive plan would probably just be a constraint that wouldn’t necessarily fit so well..  With this program, you are supported and guided to drill down to get your own personal strategies, because if they suit you, they are much more likely to be successful.)

The research I follow, suggests it usually takes at least 2 months to form a good habit.  Also, based on my experience working with clients, consciously practicing healthy routines for at least 8 weeks gives the best chance of developing strategic healthy habits.

Good to know..

This is designed as an 8 week program.  However, you have lifetime access to it, so you can work on this program (repeat it or add to it) whenever and wherever you wish to.  You get lifetime access to our membership community too.  *This is to help you on your health improvement journey, so you can get that all important support network; get moral support, swap tips, ask advice and cheerlead each-other.*

Fit this online program around your own life.  Work on it whenever, where ever suits you.

*This program is for adults only.*

What’s the structure?

You will be given information about a health topic to read each week.   You will have a task relating to the topic, and also linking back to the FREE mini course.

You have a forum in the membership community area to ask questions about your task of the week and your participation in the forum discussions will assist your progress in this program.

This program WILL NOT supply you with your strategies.  As described above, it provides the framework and support for you to come up with your own strategies.

Why did I develop this program?

“After years working in health advice, personal development and coaching, I saw that often people were wanting to improve their health, but were often unclear about what advice to follow.  There is so much conflicting information out there, with frequent news articles on the subject, so for those wishing to improve their lifestyle, I wanted to clarify and simplify all this.

I saw that people focused on appearance rather than feeling, condition and function.  This was so wrong and derailing!  It is caused by misleading social conditioning.. I wanted to do something towards rectifying that.

Also, there are social, mental as well as physical ties with the important health topics, these are soooo important and really affect progress, but they are usually overlooked.  That frustrated me.”

Ann – Beginners Health Coach

So the Beginners Health Coach Lifestyle Program was born..

**Before you purchase this program, ensure you have completed the free mini course  – that is an essential step.**

If you haven’t already worked through it, or if it has been some time since you accessed it, or if you just skimmed through it quickly, re-read it, as it really is the foundations for this course..  If you have not signed up to access the free course, get it HERE.

**This is an ESSENTIAL step – In this program you will be referring to answers you gave in the FREE mini course.**

For your reference, a copy of the mini course will be included in your program.

Remember this…

CONSISTENCY BEATS INTENSITY.  So repeat, repeat, repeat, until it becomes second nature.. Keep working at a steady intensity towards your goals, no dramatic efforts needed! Resist any urge to ‘pull out all the stops’ or punish yourself with extreme challenges.


Health improvement is something you feel and notice in function, any changes to appearance are just a side effect. 

The information in this program is my own take on health as a trained and experienced health and fitness professional, mixed with info from the most relevant sources I found to be available. (There is a lot of information out there, but I think I have waded through the plentiful chaff to find the wheat in the info here.) The information in this program has been checked by a practising UK medical doctor.

*Please note, I’m not a physiotherapist, doctor or dietitian, but I am a competent wellness professional and geek, with lots of support/motivation experience, with a focus on the mind as well as the body.