Winding road

The health improvement journey is not smooth and straight for most of us. Life challenges us, and you have to go with the added ups, downs and curves. Sometimes we progress, sometimes we regress. This is normal life.

Don’t ever look at what appears to be someone else’s smooth ride to getting healthier, then negatively compare your own attempts.

The important thing is to keep focused on your goal.  So pick yourself up if you need to, and to keep heading towards it.

With every difficulty and challenge that comes around, all that’s happening is you are learning.  You are learning what slows you, what stops you, what derails you and what helps you find your feet and gets you going again.

So keep in mind, if your health improvement journey is more a rollercoaster with loads of backward loops, than a smooth rail track from A to B, its no bad thing.  It just means you can notice your triggers and come away from your health improvement journey with a heap of extra learning about yourself.

I’ve been working on my health and fitness for years, and know about this stuff.  So let me tell you, challenges hit everyone. Last year one of my horses died in a horrible accident, then I got sick, then my husband got sick, and my dad was very ill. So I had a horrible year end.  The result for me was a lack of health focus, lack of exercise and poor diet. I went from fit to flabby. Then I was able to focus on my own health improvement again this year.

Straight smooth rail tracks are for intercity/town travel, AND NOTHING ELSE. DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOUR LIFE x

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